What is The Dapper Dog Box?

The Dapper Dog Box is a monthly goodie box for pups and dogs of all ages and sizes. Each month you'll receive treats, toys, and a trendy bandana, all curated around a fun theme.

What is inside each box?

Every month you will receive 5 items—two treats, two toys and one limited edition bandana. We rotate the types of items each month so your dog will never get bored. We prioritize products made in the USA by small businesses. You’ll never receive consumable products from China, or other countries where the quality can’t be guaranteed! 

Why should I choose your box?

We are the only subscription box for dogs that includes a gorgeous, limited edition bandana in each month. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don't love something, give us a shout and we will make it right.

I'm not sure what size dog to choose?

We offer different sizes depending on the weight of your dog, but if you’re not sure or you have concerns just send us an email and we’ll help you choose the perfect size! If you are unsure we recommend going with one size larger, just to ensure the bandanas fit! You can update your size at any time.

Do you offer a trial box or just a one-time box instead of a subscription?

Absolutely! If you want to try a box, visit this link and choose the monthly box for $35 and you won’t be rebilled. https://www.thedapperdogbox.com/gift

My dog is really small, or really huge, can we get a suitable box for them too?

Absolutely! We have options for any dog, any size. We provide toys and treats for toy breeds all the way up to extra large breeds.

Where do you get your treats from?

We source treats from really cool companies who care about dogs! We prioritize small business owners whose products are Made in the USA. You may find a bag of treats from a shop in New Orleans, who donates money to Hurricane Katrina’s displaced dogs or from a shop in Los Angeles who donates proceeds to street dogs of LA. These are the kind of brands we want you to get to know. We're all helping to save one dog at a time.

How does The Dapper Dog Box give back to rescues?

We love to support rescues in the USA! We have worked with over 12 rescues including The Sato Project, Animal Hope & Wellness, Chews Life Dog Rescue, Queen's Best Corgi Rescue and more. We’ve donated thousands of dollars to get dogs find their forever homes, so you can feel wonderful knowing every box you get, helps dogs in need.

How much is the shipping charge?

Shipping is FREE in the USA with any of our subscription plans. For Canada and Mexico, it is $10/box and all other countries it is $15. Please note that for international orders, we are not responsible once the items leave the US. We also can not guarantee that our treats will make it through customs for any Country since this is up to the country we are shipping to. 

Once I order, when will I get my box in the mail?

We will ship your first order within 3 to 7 business days. If you order before the 15th, you will renew on the 25th of that same month. If you order on the 16th or later, we will still ship your order within 3 to 7 business days. However, you will not re-bill until the 25th of the following month and will not receive your second box until we ship the next shipment. For Example, if you order on August 20th you will receive your first box right away and you will not renew until September 25th. You would then have your second box ship between October 15th-120th.

If you would like us to renew your order right away instead of waiting for the grace period please contact support and we will do our best to move you up so you receive your second box sooner.  

We use USPS Priority Mail, so once the box ships it usually takes up to 4 days for you to receive it.

For renewing subscriptions, we ship boxes out between the 15th - 20th of the month.

Do you send tracking information?

Yes, we do! As soon as your order ships you should receive a tracking code via email! 

How can I contact customer support?

You can send us an email at info@thedapperdogbox.com. Please be sure to include your order number or name the subscription is under so we can address your question as soon as possible!

How can I cancel my subscription, change a plan, or skip a month?

Easy as pie! Simply log into your account to make changes to your plan. You can easily skip a month, push back your renewal date, change your dog size, or even cancel your subscription. Here is the link: https://www.thedapperdogbox.com/customer/login

In order to NOT be re-billed, you must cancel your subscription before you are re-billed, which happens on the 25th of the month or on the 29th of the month on your renewal month.

If you cancel your subscription after you have been re-billed, we do NOT ISSUE REFUNDS and you will still receive the boxes. Once that subscription has been fulfilled then you would NOT be billed again.

When will I be billed?

Your plan will automatically renew at the end of each month on the 25th day. If you ordered a 3/6/12 month pre-pay plan, then they would automatically renew on the 25th of the last month in the plan. So if you ordered a 3-month subscription on October 1st, you receive October, November and December boxes and be re-billed on December 25th.

if you do not wish to be re-billed again, you have to cancel the subscription before you are re-billed.

What if I cancel halfway through my subscription? Can I get a refund?

We are unable to issue refunds, and you will receive ALL remaining boxes included in your plan. Once that plan has been fulfilled, you will not be rebilled again.

I would love to work with The Dapper Dog Box

If you have a press related inquiry, partnership opportunity, or any products you’d like to let our team know about, send an email to info@thedapperdogbox.com